2016 End of Year Update

Happy (almost) New Year!

Looking back on 2016, JCS continues to grow. The number of musician participants has grown from just under 300 in 2015 to well to over 400. The majority of those newcomers are students working hard on their craft. Last year Jazz Central Studios presented 360+ musical events. Up about 100 more than in 2015! Use of our space for rehearsals and recordings is almost daily. Our space has become a favorite for student recitals, clinics and workshops and we saw the beginning’s of student field trips. A new program I have dubbed “In-reach”.

To top the year off, Jazz Central Studios was recently featured in Downbeat Magazines Great Venues issue.

All of this growth at Jazz Central studios last year would not have been possible without the musicians, the musical directors, volunteer hosts, and you, the community of listener/supporters. Thank you so much for you in-kind contributions.
The most incredible thing is that this all happens without any paid staff with the exception of about $400 per month for our marketing and internet work. We estimate that the value of our in-kind (uncompensated efforts) contributions is about $125,000 per year.

The reality is, is that we are making this happen with an earned income of roughly $13k along with an added $9k in larger donations. Needless to say we live month-to-month.

In order for us to keep pace with our continually expanding programs and participation, we are looking to grow our donor base so that our operating expenses can be completely covered.

Please consider a tax deductible contribution to Jazz Central Studios in your end of year giving so that we can continue with our mission to provide a space for collaboration, experience and education.

Best wishes for the new year!

Mac Santiago

Executive Director

Here are the ways you can become part of the growing community of supporters of Jazz Central Studios:

1) ¬†click the ‘Donate’ button and either give a one-time donation of any amount or make it a monthly recurring donation of any small amount.


2) Next Time You Vist JCS, hit “the drum” with cash or a check in a provided envelope.Place your name and address or e-mail and we’ll gladly provide you a receipt for your tax records.
You may also speak to the Event Host and use your credit card and just swipe it in!

3) Mail To:
Jazz Central Studios
407 Central Avenue S.E.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

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