April 2018 Update

Spring is about to spring and we have an exciting line-up of great live music to go along with the greening of MSP.

We are presenting 35 events this month. This may seem like a lot so I will attempt to narrow it down for you a bit with my “Picks of the Month”. This is tough and by no means an indication of better or best. I like to think of it as a live music triage.

Our Monday Featured Artist/Jam Session: April 2nd, 8:30-10pm. Pianist Peter Schimke Trio featuring  Billy Peterson on bass. Peter is one of the most  energetic pianists on the scene(like nature in heat) and  Billy of course,is without peer!

Big Band Tuesday: With our ready rotation featured this month,The Bill Simenson Big Band best represents the freshness we experience with the coming season with his ever evolving book of originals. April 3rd, 8:30-10:30pm

Wednesday New Boundaries: Always experimental and mind expanding this month is no exception. From the acoustic cello/trumpet duo of Noah Baldwin/Michelle Kinney to the very electronically enhanced presentations of Sound Simulacra I’d have to go with Simulacra. April 25th, 8:30-10:30pm

Thursday Vocal Night: April 5th, 8-10pm features Jana Nyberg with Sean Turner, piano. The last time this duo graced Jazz Central Studios it was sunshine and flowers!

Illicit Workshop: Every Friday for the past 27 weeks or so Steve Kenny has presented some amazing high level groups and April is no exception. Hard to pick but if I had to, Corey Healy and the Beautiful Sunshine Band deserves my attention the most.(Maybe because it’s drummer led and he’s one of my favorites!) April 20th 8-10pm.

We have a couple of special nights that would are both rare and worth checking out for sure!

On Sunday April 8th, 8:30-10pm Bassist Brian Courage is back in town presenting the bass trio Mountain King with Jeremy Boettcher and Graydon Peterson. This is a bass fan’s dream!

Also, on Thursday, April 19th we’re having a Kansas City invasion! Tenor Saxist Adam Larson will be leading a quintet of KC musicians featuring one of my favorite bassists ever Bob Bowman.

So there you have it! Seven out of thirty-five for the month of April. Incidentally, April is live music month in Minnesota. Let’s celebrate it at JCS, WHERE LIVE JAZZ LIVES!

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