JCS Non-Profit Status


Jazz Central Studios would like to extend a special thank you to the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Steve Heckler, Alden Drew and their Board of Directors for providing JCS non-profit status by way of a Single Member LLC since October of 2013. This had allowed us to receive tax deductible donations from donors as we continued our mission of providing performance and educational experience to the Jazz Community.

I am super excited to report that as of February 20, 2015 JCS has been granted status as “a private foundation exempt under IRC section 501(c)(3).”

What this means to JCS is:
1. We can receive private donations directly through JCS.
2. We can apply for public money in the form of grants directly without the use of a fiscal agent.
3. We can further establish ourselves as an arts organization unrestricted by commercial encumbrances.

In a nutshell, fundraising activity can be taken to a much higher level. This means more autonomy for those participating in creating and learning about this music. All we have to do now is do it.

If you or someone you know with fundraising or grant writing experience would like to get involved in growing our organization’s economic impact on it’s participants please contact us at info@jazzcentralstudios.org.