JCS Recording Archive Reaches 5000 Tracks!

Diego Ramallo Jazz Central StudiosWe would like to send a special thank you to Sr. Diego Ramallo for his consistent dedication to the Jazz Central Studios Recording Archive.

Around this time in 2012 we purchased a Zoom Interface and a pair of small condenser microphones for the sole purpose of providing musicians with a ‘snapshot’ of their playing. Whether it be during our regular weekly performances, a special event, rehearsal and even college entrance auditions, just about everything is recorded (for the musicians use only of course). For me personally, this has proved to be a valuable tool for reviewing and critiquing my performance. Many other participants have done the same.

Diego shows up every Monday for the Featured Artist Night (as he has done since JCS began back in 2010) pulls the SD card from the Zoom and painstakingly both truncates and attenuates the tracks and sends them to the requesting musicians via Dropbox. He has been both dedicated and super reliable when it comes to this task and best of all he does this work from the ‘goodness of his heart’ as a volunteer!


On behalf of the participating musicians at JCS. Thank you so much Diego! What the heck have 4,999 more thank yous!