Leigh Kamman Fundraiser – St. Paul Hotel

Leigh Kamman TributeWe would like to bid the voice of jazz Leigh Kamman a fond farewell from the “Land of the midnight sun.” Thank you from Jazz Central Studios for a lifetime of keeping jazz alive. In a special tribute to Mr. Kamman there will be live music performed by many resident jazz notables throughout the evening at the St. Paul Hotel within the Grand Ballroom beginning at 4pm.

The Leigh Kamman Tribute will support Leigh’s legacy in the local jazz community and preserve his archive for future generations. Please attend and take advantage of the opportunity to hear and hang with 70+ of the Twin Cities’s jazz friends of Leigh Kamman. Tickets are available for a suggested donation of $20.

Performance Schedule:
4:00 Tommy O’Donnell, Gordy J, Phil Hey
4:10 Patty Peterson, Tommy O’Donnell, Gordy J, Phil Hey
4:20 Eric Gravatt & Dean Magraw
4:30 Carole, Martin, Kenny Horst, Chris Bates, Phil Aaron, Steve Kenny
4:50 Twin Cities 7 – Doug Haining, Dave Graf, Dick Bortolucci, Steve Pikal, Kent Saunders, Steve Wright, Rick Carlson

5:00 Debby Duncan, Adi Yeshaya, Gary Raynor, Mac Santiago, Dave Singley
5:15 Locally Damaging Winds – Peter Enblom, Brad Bellows, Dave Graf, Wade Clark, Chris Lomheim, Tom Lewis, Jay Epstein
5:30 Leigh’s family and MPR John McTaggart, Shannon Foreman, Brad Bellows, Kathy Vye

6:00 Irv Williams,Steve Blons, Steve Pikal, Mac Santiago
6:15 Connie Evingson, Gary Raynor, Joe Pulice, Joan Griffith, Greg Lewis
6:30 Butch Thompson & Charlie Devore
6:45 Laura Caviani, Lucia Newell, Joan Griffith

7:00 Jam session: Pooch Heine, Jendeen Forberg, Stan Bann, Jim TenBensel, Jon Pemberton, Steve Kimmel, John Devine, Anthony Cox, Jay Young, Mikkel Romstad, Bill Steiger, Benny Weinbeck, Joe Smith, Dave Brattain, Pete Whitman, Jim Chenowith, Kent Saunders, Doug Little, Sue Oatts, Jay Epstein

MC: Davis Wilson
Continuity/assistant mc’s: Kevin Barnes, Michele Jansen, Maryann Sullivan

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