May Update from Jazz Central Studios

Greeting from Jazz Central Studios!
As our general level of energy kicks into high gear just to take a vantage of warmer temps and greener pastures, let’s try to remember that when the sun goes down it’s time to feed our creative spirit with art. To me nothing does it better than live music. As long as it’s the kind that is most spontaneous and communicative to the soul. Jazz.

Jazz Central Studios is where that’s going to happen 33 times in the month of May. I challenge you to examine that calendar and pick one show a week to attend and not feel bad that you had to miss one!
JCS Calender

Other news: Live Streaming at JCS
Q:When does one equal two?
A:When you are awarded a $2000 in matching funds.

That’s just what happened this week to our live streaming fundraising campaign. Please take advantage of this opportunity to make live streaming from JCS a reality and go to our GofundMe to learn more and donate. You can also donate directly to Paypal.
Live Stream GoFundMe
JCS Paypal

All for now.
See you at Jazz Central!
~ Mac Santiago

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  • Mark arneson

    What a great venue!

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